Care and Maintenance | Handbags and Accessories

Care and Maintenance 


Cork is an organic, vegan, sustainable, and non-toxic. The cork is waterproof, therefore there is no need apply a type of waterproofing treatments. Additionally, cork is naturally antimicrobial, which helps keep germs away from your handbags and accessories ,without cleaning.

Expect you cork handbag to naturally change and age over time, but not like other types of leather. Instead, your cork handbag may slightly change colors over time. The colors can become lighter in certain areas, especially in high-use areas like the straps.

Cork Cleaning Process

For General Cleaning

Use a damp soft cloth with warm water Dampen a reusable soft cloth with warm water and a couple drops of saddle soap. Saddle soap is ideal, but any regular soap you have at home will do just fine. Once you have a damp cloth with soap ready, gently scrub your purse in small circles all over, paying special attention to any areas that are visibly dirty.


You can also use baby wipes that are biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals to clean your cork purse. Look for baby wipes that contain at least 99% water and a mild cleaning agent.