Our Story

Just for me. This phase has always been one that resonates with me. It is also what I want my customers to feel when they experience a handmade Meeks Me Smile Studio handbag. Over the last 10 years my passion for sewing has guided me  towards handbags. Its something I felt I could  bring a flare and individuality to

Design it. Make it. Research. Design it again… Make it again. That's what it's about. That's how you grow. My handbags are a product of the things I love: color, form, style and versatility. As most do, I care if my purse holds all my essentials and more. People ask, “How do you start a design?” I start with the end. What do I want it to do? What problem do I want it to solve? And of course, where can I add the fun or the unexpected?