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Temesha Large Tote

Temesha Large Tote

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That vacation you want to go to so bad, but wondering, what bag can fit all my essentials and still make me look fashionable? Well, Temesha is perfect for you.

One is enough!

Temesha ensures all your essentials fit beautifully and perfectly. With her 16 by 11 by 4 dimensions, throw them all there! Combined with her two expanding 6” closure pockets, 14” back zipper, and 8” high slip pocket, you can pack everything you need and not break a sweat at the end trying to close the zip. Also, you won’t need an extra bag!

Not sure of what to fit in the bag? Carry them all!

Imagine trying to fit some extra essentials inside the interior of a bag, and because it's loaded, it just doesn't fit, and you silently wish it was elastic. Temesha has an interior elastic slip pocket and four slip pockets, where two expand. This property will help you squeeze more and more things with no fear of tear.

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